Welcome to Unfiltered Unfined

Unfiltered Unfined was born out of a desire to provide public relations, marketing, and communications services for wine, beer, spirits, and (provided they’re linked to alcoholic beverages) food and tourism that come from or are provided by countries, regions, and organizations that are undiscovered or unknown to U.S. consumers.  We know that there are many qualified individuals and companies ready and able to sell these services.  What makes UU different is a hands-on, customized approach to everything we do.  We cultivate and accept clients based upon, more than anything else, our interest in consuming or using their products.  Though we’ve some background in sales, we’re not consummate salesmen – if we don’t believe in it, we won’t work with it.  It is also true that we are wine journalists and can obviously provide media coverage on our own as a key element of any marketing plan.  But that avenue is, by its nature, limited in scope.  So we are, in this business space, primarily consultants.

Along with our wish to be associated with those whose products we’re proud to use, we only work with those whose association we personally enjoy.  Rather than clients we prefer to cultivate partners.  Although we’ve a few broad templates we’ve discovered to be effective, we’re also convinced that no two projects are identical and each deserves to be developed with an eye to procuring the best results at the lowest cost.  Whether yours is a single project or an ongoing campaign, consider Unfiltered Unfined as your communications and marketing partner.

We Bring the Juice!